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Welcome to Sergey Zyryanov’s guitar school!

Guitar Lab is a school for totally beginners as well as for already practicing guitar players. Here you can try yourself in different styles and find your own one, get acquainted with the sound recording, learn how to work with the programs for audio processing, improve your playing techniques (legato, tremolo, sweep, palm muting and so on).

The classes are focused on the developing of the creative potential of each person, including improvisation, song writing etc. The relaxed creative atmosphere of Sergey Zyryanov’s home studio increases the efficiency of the training.

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Jazz Guitar Workshop

Jazz Guitar Workshop

Here you are welcome to watch my recordings from Jazz Guitar Workshop with Bruce Saunders (Berklee College)


Blues Guitar Workshop

Blues Guitar Workshop

Here are my video recordings for Blues Guitar Workshop with Michael Williams (Berklee)


Awards and Certificates

Awards and Certificates

Achievements by Sergey Zyryanov


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